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... Where do we  find our Scottish Seaglass?  ... 

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     Scottish Seaglass Jewellery :  handmade originals by Jane Ross of Fife.

Mermaids are noted for their beguiling ways, their beauty, and their enchanting songs of the sea. They are NOT known for their brainpower, and are in the main fairly light headed & absent-minded. They love bedecking themselves with colour and glitter: rainbows of seaglass gleaned from the spoils of shipwrecks; the irridescence of nacreous seashells; all things shiny from the bounteous briny. Unfortunately for them (and luckily for us) their happy-go-lucky ways tend to make them lose their precious ornaments quite often, so that the many shores they visit are bestrewn map of Scotland excluding the Shetland Isles.with their lost treasures...

  ...For the size of the country, Scotland  has a very long coastline:  approximately 11,500 miles, of which a large amount is contributed by some-800 islands round its shores. (these figures are approximate, varying between learned bodies and websites - by a fair bit, in some cases)


From the gentle shores of the Solway Firth and the Mull of Galloway in the Southwest, to the sheer and rugged cliffs of the Pentland Firth on the mainland North; from the Western Isles to the far-flung SheSUNBLEACHED SANDS ON THE LOVELY ISLE OF TIREEtlands, our coastline graces us with an abundance of diversity. From tiny, secret rocky inlets to broad silver and golden beaches sand-miles long; from gentle dunes to towering rock-faces; the shores of Scotland have for eons offered much for the mermaids to explore - and a myriad places for treasures to be dropped, for us to find as we follow their trails. (We've put in a gallery of images of Bays, Beaches, inlets, Ness's and Points from around Scotland, at the foot of the Scottish Shores page. Click  -HERE-  to see it) 

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Jane says...

I have always like to find seaglass, but when I realised I could do more than just look at it, I was delighted. My ideas just appear with the piece of glass or shell, porcelain or china, that I pick up; thankfully, I don't seem to run out of ideas! I like to think this is an instinctive inspiration, and that I am merely the artisan translating it into fact...

~ The Happiness Spell ~

...and these "translations" of the treasures from the Scottish shores really make me happy, in the creation. So, when I'm working on a piece, I "weave the happiness spell" in to the fabric of it so that the eventual wearer will feel that same delight.


All my creations are unique; when one becomes yours, you can be sure it is the only one in the world like it. And if it says "from some beach or shore", then that is where I found the component materials... SUNRISE OVER THE KYLES, FROM AN LOCHAN



  ...so please, have a wee look in the Jewelbox, and at the story of where they came from. There are some interesting bits of information about these shores and shorelines; geographical, historical, current and, in some cases, of myth & legend.

And perhaps you may find a wee gift for your dear self, a loved one, or a good friend. 

  The Landing Point at St.Ninian's Chapel, in Galloway.  *


  Image of Mermaid under the sea.

 With all my good wishes...

                                 Jane Ross  

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This is a new site for a new artist: Jane Ross has been making her own jewellery for some time, and only the urging of friends and family has persuaded her to take a leap into offering her creations to the world at large.

Please take a look at her Jewelbox; any constructive comments will be appreciated.Our e-mail address is at the foot of the main page...

the homepage shows a small sample of her unique designs; click on any one to go to the webpage it's on.

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