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How it all began … 

I first became interested in making jewellery after visiting a craft fair and saw someone twisting wire round a pendant, and thought “I could do that!” Practicing this at home, I realised that I could use this method to “wrap” pieces of sea glass. I don’t use gold or silver wire because I don’t want my pieces to be too expensive. COLOURED SEAGLASS CIRCLE

Picking sea glass has always been a hobby of mine, as I love the seashore and the glass looks so pretty when wet. To retain this look, I use clear varnish, after first sterilizing my shore finds in Milton solution. 

The Happiness Spell is my own secret, and while I can’t guarantee it!, when you are wearing one of my creations – be aware that happiness and contentment have been woven into them. 

After visiting a beach I keep my finds in the relevant “Beach Box” and thus know where each piece originated. Over time, I’ll be trying to visit as many beaches as possible! 

The best beaches to find sea glass on are pebbly rather than pure sand, as the actions of the waves against the pebbles naturally tumbles the glass, and gives the characteristic smoothed edges to what was a very sharp piece. 

It's possible to buy glass which has been artificially tumbled, but I enjoy the finding process too much to buy it. And it's a bit of a cheat if you sell it as natural seaglass - like selling fake watches.

Image of mermaid in the seaSea or beach glass was known as Mermaid’s Tears, arising from several legends, but the one I like best is that mermaids usually cry at least once each day - not because they are sad, but because the world is so beautiful.

Unfortunately, the name is now being given to plastic pellets polluting the oceans, not such a pleasant story. 

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   I make other kinds of jewellery….. 

Wirework & Beadwork  

Beadwork Pink Crystal bracelet code B124  

These creations originated at the same time as the sea glass jewellery, using beads and semi precious  stones.

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 Wirework Blue-gold-white scroll bracelet Code WW105







  I get get the same contentment doing these, and its just a matter of mood which medium I use, and which colours I choose...


... wishing you all Happiness,

                                                         Jane (  jane@seaglassfromscotland.com  )

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