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 The historic fishing village of South Queensferry, from the wee harbour between the two bridges.

South Queensferry sits on the south shore of the narrowest part of the Forth Estuary east of Grangemouth, looking across to North Queensferry, its counterpart on the Fife shore. As an obvious place to cross the river when heading into Fife from Edinburgh, it is likely that settlements either side of the river here, and ferries between them, date back to ancient times.  



The "Queen" in Queensferry was  Queen Margaret,the wife of King Malcolm III. She set up a church in Dunfermline, where she had married Malcolm in 1070. This rapidly became a place of pilgrimage leading to increasing demand for transport across  ... 

The central cantilevers of the Forth Rail Bridge The Southern PIllars of the Forrth Bridge







  ... the Forth Estuary. The Queen's Ferry, paid for by Margaret and operated by monks from Dunfermline, was the result. The rocks on the shore formed a natural landing point for the ferry service.

Nowadays, of course, the ferry has gone, and the estuary is crossed by the two striking bridges - the Forth Rail Bridge, with its unique design, and the much newer (1964) and the more westerly Forth Road Bridge... (as I write, construction of the approaches to a new, third Forth Bridge is well under way . Photo below)

The Fprth Road Bridge, from the west of Port Edgar Marina at South Queensferry.





 The Two Bridges...






...and the current state of the new bridge, as at 10th December 2016.

 The Central PIllar of the new bridge, patiently awaiting the roadbeds from North and South.

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South Queensferry has another claim to fame, though; it's home to a Carmelite Priory that goes back to around 1440 AD. A lot of the original building remains at the Priory, and careful & tactful restoration work has the wee church looking magnificent; a must-see if you're in the area.

There are many little coves, sandy and pebbly along the shore of this part of the River Forth, and stunning views of the two Forth bridges.  

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