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small colour graphic of mermaid undersea ~SEAGLASS FROM SCOTLAND~  small colour graphic of mermaid undersea

~ seaglass from the shores of  Aberdour ~  

  Blue/green glass pendant Code A102

 Blue-green glass pendant with green wire, beads and a pearl

 Code A102

Size 40mm x 40mm

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 Pale green glass pendant with flower Code A103

 Pale green glass pendant, golden wire and pearl daisy

Code A103

Size 50mm x 30mm

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 Pale green-yellow glass Pendant with bead Code A104

 Pale green-yellow glass pendant with beads, golden swirl and green wire

 Code A104

Size  50mm x 30mm

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 Aqua glass Pendant Code A105


Aqua glass pendant with silvery wire, embellished with pearls and beads

 Code A105


Large scrolled green glass pendant 

 Large green glass pendant, golden wire scroll, green wire and pearl

Code A106

Size 75mm x 30mm

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 Charcoal Ceramic Pendant Code A101

 Charcoal ceramic shard wrapped in black wire with clear crystals

Code A101


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Jewellery items

Pendant hangings will vary, according to the design. If you have any queries please contact us by e-mail.

All earrings will be hung on hook fittings.

Sizes shown are a reasonable approximation.

Postage & packing

These are included in the prices quoted, with a differential for postage overseas. Charges include cost of recorded delivery (signed for). If you buy more than one item, we reduce the price of the second and subsequent items: use the drop-down box to select the correct price for your choice.


Returned Pieces

If your jewellery is damaged in transit, send it back and we will repair and return it to you as a priority. Please enclose a note explaining how it was damaged on receipt, and we will refund your postal costs.

If a piece is damaged beyond repair, we will on receipt of the broken item, replace it with another piece of your choosing, or refund payment.

If, on receipt of your goods, you decide that you want to return them for a refund we will, on receipt of the said item or items - in its/ their original condition - refund your original payment. We will not in this case pay for your return delivery charges

Our return address will be enclosed with each item.

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